Guided Deer Stalking / Hunting Prices

Stalking deer with the Deer Finder is a great way to hunt deer in the UK or for stalkers in Britain to get out to do some deer hunting in private areas with professional guides. We have something for everyone and can tailor a trip to suit your needs. We can even offer gift certificates for that special occasion.

We have packages that are designed to help you achieve your DSC level 2 or simply have a fun, enjoyable and productive outing. We will never guarantee anything, this is wild hunting after all but we always do our very best.

Our hunts are based on keeping the balance within nature. We will never sell you something that we can’t deliver on and will try and cater for all abilities and experience.

On all of our stalks if your successful you will have the option of a field breakfast or supper cooked there in the woods made from the animal you have culled and tea or coffee with it.

Outing Fees

Cull Fallow Bucks £100

Fallow Does £100

Muntjac Deer £100

Roe Bucks £105

Devon Red Hinds £150

Trophy Chinese Water Deer £800

High Seat Session Only £75

Rifle Range Session (200 meter or less) £25 per hour

All the outings include one cull animal and venison may be purchased at the going rate.

Muntjac trophy buck
Mature muntjac buck taken by one of clients

How to book

Booking stalking with me is easy just email – we can arrange everything from visitors permits to your accommodation. We will fit in with your dates as best as we can. Just ask and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

For trophy stalking please email

We can organise accommodation

April roe buck
Broadside roe buck in the woods