The Ariat Defiant – 12 months on

Last year I wrote about the most comfortable hunting boot I had ever owned, the Ariat Defiant.

I had used the boot in the field and found them warm, dry and we’ll fitting, they seemed like the perfect gamekeeping or deer stalking boot.

However as the season wore on the boots didn’t last well at all. The first thing to go was the leather despite regular treating with leather conditioner and waterproofing. You will be able to see from the pictures the damage to the upper of the boot. This was mainly from brambles in the woods but still a boot costing nearly £350 should stand up to that.

Fails to stand up to the test

Although the boot has had some extreme use I feel that it should have lasted longer and been much more hardy. A true work boot would not have failed so spectacularly.

Soles coming off the boot after just 11 months

I have to say that they are still comfortable but I am so disappointed with the quality of the boot and how they have been sold as a quality high end item. Ariat have simply used their brand name to sell into the “hunting” market but it is a shame they haven’t backed it up with a suitable product.


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