A Summer Hunting Glove

Ironclad is a name that may be familiar to those who have a military connection but to most of the field sports world they are a relative new comer.

Ironclad manufacture gloves for the US armed forces and they are now being imported into the UK by Chosen Tactical. The gloves are extremely comfortable and have a fantastic fit to the hand.

They have silicone fused palm grips to make sure that the glove sit true on a rifle or gun stock every time. There are some really nice features to the glove too, it has a Velcro strap to adjust how tight on the wrist they are and a terry cloth sweat wipe pad by the thumb.

They come in green or real tree cammo and three sizes in every range. I found the gloves very comfortable and you don’t even know you are wearing them. The downside is that they are not particularly warm or waterproof so they are restricted to a summer foxing or trapping glove.

The gloves are really keenly priced so I would recommend if you were looking pigeon shooting, foxing or trapping glove to give them a go.

Ironclad tactical impact: 21.99

Ironclad realtree grip: 16.99

Ironclad motogrip:16.99

Ironclad project grip: 16.99

Ironclad tactical pro: 14.99


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