The Viper is Back

A review of probably the most steady rifle shooting rest ever


Viper Flex is a name that is fast becoming well know in the world of deer stalking for producing quality precision sticks for steady and accurate shooting. Viper Flex make a range of quad sticks for the rifle shooter and they are probably the steadiest shooting sticks on the market.


Made from light weight metal with height adjustable legs these sticks will fit any shooter and most situations. Viper-Flex sticks have the added bonus of featuring a front “cradle” rather than a V shaped rest, thus allowing the stalker the option for lateral tracking without changing the shooting position. This is a great feature that aids in the tracking of moving targets. Depending on the model the sticks can be used standing, kneeling and sitting. The rifle is rested on both the but and the fore end to make the shot super accurate.

Using the Viper flex system is honestly like shooting from a bench rest whilst standing up, they are probably the steadiest platform that I have ever used. To start with deploying them can take some getting used to but once you master it you open up whole new shooting possibilities and ranges.

Viper flex sticks will now be used on NGO Deer Branch training courses to give the candidates the best possible equipment available to use. For more information on Viper Flex20180419_1924161774022052.jpg

Starting at £179.99 from

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