The Sauer 100 Gamekeeper Package

Sauer are a top end maker of rifles from Germany and have been at the forefront of producing some excellent and accurate firearms. Recently the manufacture realised that here in the UK we don’t necessarily use our weapons like the our continental cousins especially gamekeepers. That’s why the company have come up with the Sauer 100 – Keeper package

The keeper is a .223 package that comes with mounts, rifle, scope and moderator. Even though Sauer except that this is their budget model rifle they certainly haven’t scrimped on materials. The barrel is hammer forged meaning it has no flaws and the composite stock feels solid and well made. It has gripy material on the stock for wet outings on the ATV or in the field and has been really well thought through. Barrel and action are finished with Sauer’s proprietary “Ilaflon” coating, which in this case left a rather nice grey/blue mat hue to the rifle that contrasted with the black synthetic stock just enough to make it look pleasing but not over bearing. The bolt has a really nice large knob to work and it is exceptionally smooth.

The Sauer 100 has a pleasing bolt

The rifle comes with a Barton moderator which was fine, nice and light and well made in the UK. It isn’t the most quite I have tested but it did perform well. I did try two different mods on the rifle and it performed a bit better with a heavier Asus Ultra in terms of noise and muzzle flit (which is minimal anyway on the .223).

The Barton Moderator comes with the Sauer 100 Gamekeeper Package

The scope is of good quality a Minox 3 -15 x 50 with an illuminated reticle. I really liked the scope even at last light, it has enough to work in low light and would be useful on any centrefire rifle. I did have problems with the Sauer detachable mounts that come with the set up. Unlike my Blaser I found when I took the scope off the rifle I did have some drift on the point of aim. This could be because I set them up incorrectly but it did leave me a little less confident with the weapon than I could have been.

minox on sauer 100
Minox 3-15×50 on the Sauer 100 Gamekeeper Package

The trigger is fantastic, it is light and crisp with no play at all. You really do know when it is going to fire. The rifle too was not too fussy with ammo and I found the Winchester Varmint X a great option.

I did find a couple of things slightly annoying with the rifle, one being the magazine. I was unable to top load it and had to slide the ammo in from the front. This is because it is a generic magazine that looks like it could hold .300WM if it need too, its massive and for a .223 that seemed a bit unnecessary. I found this very fiddly to load at night in the dark on the back of a pick up.


As a budget set up I think this is great value for money and would suite a young keeper starting out as an all in one set up it is defiantly worth considering.

RRP £2,100


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