Pulsar Forward F135 Night Vision Add On


Pulsar are now the go to name in digital night vision and thermal imaging equipment and they continue to create new and more usable products.

Night vision (NV) can be a problem for some of us, what should we go for? Do we want to have a dedicated rifle purely used for NV? Rear add on attachment create eye relief problems and until now there was no alternative. However two offerings from Pulsar in the Forward F135 and F155 give the casual NV user the option to have the best of both worlds.

The F135 has a smaller lens than the F155 which makes it slightly smaller and lighter. The end result of this is the difference in compatible magnification ranges. The F155 is better on scope with up to 8x magnification whilst the F135 works best on scopes with 6x magnification.

I tested the F135 unit on a Zeiss Duralyt 3-12×50 which has no side or front parallax and often on NV add on scopes this is a massive problem when trying to get a clear picture. With this unit this was not a problem for me at all, the Pulsar has its own focusing system at the front of the add on which made for a clear and crisp image every time. At different magnifications and ranges it did sometimes need a little bit of adjusting but it wasn’t every a problem whilst out in the field.

Night vision pulsar front mounted add on
Pulsar front mounted F135 scope add on

The F135 clamps on to the front of your scope using a four point clamping system, you attach and mount to the scope for the size required, so I was using the 50mm clamp. The add on fits perfectly to the clamp with a twist on system that holds it tightly with no movement at all.

The zero is really important too, when you attach the front mounted add on from Pulsar the scope stays to your usual point of zero which is really good. It only takes seconds to mount and un-mount the unit making a really truly versatile system for foxing from light through dusk and into the wee small hours.

The unit is powered by a lithium battery that lasts up to nine hours, and I can testify that it does. It is rechargeable using a micro USB cable so can be powered up in most modern 4×4’s and cars using the USB port. This is really handy. There is also a power save option so you don’t need to keep switching the unit off, it only takes a second or so for you to be able to use it to take a shot.

The built in IR was more than adequate for the F135, I never felt I needed more light or a brighter image. Using the scope on a .243 during the darkest nights didn’t make me think that I was using something that was a cheap alternative.


F135 Pulsar

For the price of these units I think that you cant do any better, you can add it to as many scopes as you have and don’t need to tie up a particular rifle to a NV system but can move from your .22LR to anything center fire. This unit is a serious contender to out place all of the rear add on NV systems and one that you should seriously consider if you are in the market for a night vision scope.


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