A feeder built for deer

I have recently bought and installed a specialist deer feeder from Game Feeders in East Sussex. Fred who makes the feeders was ever so helpful even when  I wanted it modifying so it would throw field beans as well.

Auto deer feeder in place in the forest

The feeder itself is a simple concept, it is basically a pheasant feeder with longer legs and a motor on a timer to distribute the food over a 10ft area.

Assembling the feeder is easy and all of the bolts, nuts and washers are supplied with it. It was a bit fiddly and I found that my arms were 2 inches too short but i got it done in under five minutes. When assembled the feeder is quite heavy so I would build it where you want it.

Put the feeder together where you want it

The food dispenser is robust and has been working for me now for several months without any problems or blockages. The motor on this unit also has a solar panel attached with adds a little extra cost but I haven’t had to change the 6 volt battery once.

Auto feeder and solar pannel

Setting the timer is really easy and the unit offers up to 10 feeds per day of varying times between 1 second and 60 seconds. I found that two feeds per day in the morning and evening for between 3 – 5 seconds is enough. I really like how simple the timer is to set up, some I have used are far too complicated.

Auto feeder timer and motor unit

This is a great feeder for deer, duck and game birds. It’s well made and the service from Fred is excellent. If you want to feed your deer I doubt you will find a more suitable auto feeder.

Details for the supplier is http://www.rudgwickmetals.co.uk/index.asp


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