A non chemical way of repelling ticks – The Tickless

This year ticks have been really bad all over the UK. In areas where there are very few ticks this spring and summer we have seen them appear out of nowhere, could it be from our recent very mild winters?

Ticks are a serious concern to hunters because of the risk of the terrible Lyme Disease. Lyme is something that as hunters we should all be aware of and protect ourselves from. Tick bites are a source of Lyme Disease that we can prevent by taking some very simple measures.

We are going to look at a device called the Tickless, this is an ultrasonic tick and flea repeller. This was brought to my attention via Twitter via a professional deer stalker in Scotland Sam Thompson (who can be found on Twitter @ardaledeer) who has used the Tickless a couple times now and has handled carcass with a heavy tick burden and as yet not had one on him. Hardly scientific proof that it works but it is a good start.

The Tickless “human” device is small and emits a 40khz sound to deter ticks and fleas

Completely non-toxic, it releases no chemical substances and no odours, but works by emitting a series of ultrasound impulses that are harmless and imperceptible for both persons and animals, but that disturb ticks, keeping them away or forcing them to leave the person claim the manufactures. The Tickless will operate out to 3 meters so it will also be useful for camping and keeping ticks away whilst you sleep, the device is powered by small batteries that last up to 12 months.

When pushing the device’s control button, the flashing red LED light indicates that the device is working and on. The Tickless is water resistant so it will still work in heavy rain and wet ground.

The Tickless device must be attached to the clothing with the incorporated clip or a lanyard passed through the holes provided but you should take care not to obstruct the ultrasound emission grille.

I bought one from Amazon for around £25.00 so it is well priced to try as an experiment. This is the human version and it is also available for pets. I will be using the product over the summer and will be fascinated to see how I find it works.

View a YouTube review of the Tickless


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