Promoting game shooting to the British public

I have just spent four very long and busy days at the BBC CountryFile Live show at Blenheim palace in Oxfordshire.

The stand was a joint venture with the National Gamekeepers Organisation (NGO), The Game and Wildlife Conservation Tust, Brights Seeds, The Game Dealers Association and the British Deer Society but paid for entirely by the NGO. The idea was to educate and promote the work of gamekeeping and the shooting industry.

It was great to be able to showcase the conservation benefits of game shooting in the UK both in the uplands and lowlands and also to promote the wonderful food that wild game is.

Butchering game meat for all to see

We had some interactive displays with venison butchery and cooking as well as the chance for people to pluck, butcher, cook and eat a pigeon.It was fantastic to get people to associate food with animals and not plastic trays.

The NGO’s Sarah Read showing how to pluck a pigeon

The reaction of the public was really positive to us which was exceptionally encouraging. The great British public seemed to be really pleased with the conservation work of gamekeepers and happy with predator control for wildlife protection.

Demonstration of skinning by Chris Rogers professional deer manager from the Euston Estate

For hunters to be at a show like this with a completely new audience is vital for us to educate and explain the truth behind what we do and why. But more importantly the benefits that it brings to the environment and the countryside.

Showing the benefits of managed moorland

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