Convert a Blaser R8 Saddle Mount into a Picatinny Rail – on the cheap

How to convert your Blaser R8 saddle mount to a picatinny rail on a budget


Blaser prides itself on it exceptional engineering and the ability to be able to remove a scope from the rifle using the Blaser saddle mount and reattach it and the rifle and scope will still shoot to the same point of zero.

This Blaser system really does work, I have taken the scope off of my Blaser R8 Professional Success countless times for cleaning or swapping between day scope for deer hunting and my thermal imaging scopes for fox shooting at night. Every time I have had the rifle return to the same point of zero which gives the hunter the confidence to swap between scopes on the same rifle.

Blaser R8 Professional Success and Winchester Silver Tip Ammo showing saddle mount with rings

However when I bought my first night vision scope which was a Pulsar Digi Sight I didn’t have the money to spend on the Blaser made picatinny rail saddle mount. I searched around for alternatives and looked at several different systems, but none of them allowed me to swap the scope between day and night without having to re-zero. To my mind this was one of the huge advantages of having the Blaser R8 in the first place so those options from Contessa and others simply wouldn’t do.

Mike Dickinson who owns the Carlton Moor Rifle Range is a good friend and I spoke to him at length on the subject. It was Mike who suggested that I speak to the people at Tier One who make mounts and rails to see what they could do. Tier One already produced a system that allows you to convert your existing Blaser saddle mount into a picatinny rail, this was perfect for me because I already had a spare saddle mount that I could use.

Blaser R8 mounts with rings and Tier One picatinny rail
The Blaser R8 Saddle mounts and the Tier One picatinny rail before swapping

The system is so simple. You unscrew the rings that are attached to the saddle mount, lie the Tier One picatinny rail on the Blaser mount and screw it on! The Blaser mount has a front and rear recess for the rings and Tier One have machined their rail to fit perfectly into these slots making it line up with the securing screws. Within three minuets you can have a accurate and well priced saddle mount that you can have confidence in to change scopes. I have tested it and it does keep the point of zero.20170514_175120

For a well priced solution to the picatinny rail issue on the Blaser I don’t think you need to look much beyond Tier One as long as you already have a spare saddle mount to use.

The cost of the Tier One picatinny rail and attaching screws £65.00

To view a video showing how to change between the Blaser R8 rings and the Tier One picatinny rail visit

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