The new Hawke Frontier rifle scope gets put through it’s paces

Hawke are a UK based company that is making a bit of a name of itself within the center fire scope market these days. Hawke have always been renowned for their air rifle and rim fire scopes, it was only a matter of time that they ventured into quality center fire optics.

I have been testing the Hawke Frontier 5-30×50, the scope has a 30mm mono-tube chassis, machined from high grade aluminium. A lovely eye relief that is easy to get set on when mounting the rifle makes shooting from sticks easy. The image is crisp and clear through the quality lenses.


The magnification adjusting ring is large and made of rubber, you can operate this with thin gloves on which is a good feature. The parallax is operated from the side of the scope which to be honest was a little difficult at first to get used to, but once you had it set up it was perfectly liveable with. The adjustment is very fine and the actual adjuster small, my personal preference is to have it at the front of the scope.

The Hawke frontier operated perfectly over the 6 month test period, we used it deer stalking, lamping and target shooting on different centre rifles from a .223 to a .308. Not once did it need to be re-zeroed after the initial set up.

The model that I used had the illuminated reticule, something that I use a lot on my other scopes. I found it easy to operate with a turn nob on the side of the scope. The brightness is controlled by adjusting the nob forwards or backwards. The clarity of the reticule was excellent but I did find it too large in the field of view and the adjustment not fine enough.


The actual chassis is strong and well build in a mat black finish, it is very difficult to separate this Hawke Frontier to other more expensive scopes on the market. The image quality is exceptional for the money even to dusk. I would imagine that we will be seeing a lot more of Hawke in the future and if this product is anything to go by then that is good news.


Overall for a scope that costs under £700.00 this has to be the first go to for all stalkers and keepers on a budget.

RRP £649.99


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