Hunting clothing that masks your scent

Hunters throughout history have been trying to gain every advantage possible over our prey. In the early days of the human race it was one of the reasons we started to develop tools, to gain an advantage over our prey be that during the hunt or to make it easier to process the animal once it was dead.

The quest seems to be never ending, the advent of firearms made hunting easier, optics for rifles, camouflage clothing as well helped and now Browning have developed a clothing range that masks the human scent.

browning hells caynon ad

Based on the fact that game animals senses are developed to be perfectly suited to their living environment, the aim of the Browning Hell’s Canyon clothing range is to help hunters gain an advantage over those animals they are after by trying to give them the edge even when it comes down to environmental factors such as scent. The Hell’s Canyon range of clothes also comes in Mossy Oak Infinity Cammo which blends in perfectly with your surroundings to give you that bit of extra cover.

Odor is caused by specific bacteria that thrive on human skin. When those bacteria metabolize the waste products they produce creates what we know as smell and that can be detected by humans, deer, foxes and other animals. Scent travels through the air and this can affect your positioning when sitting out for a fox or stalking a deer, but with the new OdorSmart technology from Browning and the clever camouflage from Mossy Oak this will eliminate a significant amount of that worry.

So, how does OdorSmart actually work? Simply stated, OdorSmart uses silver ions, which are well known for their anti-bacterial properties. Silver has been proven to eradicate bacterial cells’ capacity to create the chemical links that they need to survive. These links produce the cells’ physical structure so when the bacteria encounter silver, they literally fall apart and are incapable of producing a smell. The OdorSmart will attack bacteria on the skin and in the area immediately around the skin, killing them before they start to produce odors.

hells canyon

Using this type of system can have certain draw backs, for example you will need to be totally covered for the system to work to its full potential. Head, face, hands and body will all need to be covered by the OdorSmart clothing and on a hot day that could be uncomfortable. It is far better suited to sitting and waiting in ambush which would be more likely to keep you from losing too much weight in sweat! A system of this kind can give you some real advantages over your prey and can be looked at for those of you who have difficult areas where the wind may play havoc with where you can sit.


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