The Browning X-Bolt Eclipse is possibly the closest thing you can buy to a custom made rifle off the shelf

The Browning X-bolt eclipse is a new variation on a tried and trusted product with some major improvements. The trigger system is now the super feather trigger that comes in all new X-bolt rifles and makes it much more sensitive and crisp to fire. The rifle comes in .243, .308 & .30-06 and currently only in right handed. To hold and fire the rifle as a left hander is not fun. It is uncomfortable as a lefty because your thumb is at the wrong angle going through the stock making it hard to hold a point of aim, this really is only for those of you who are right handed.


Browning have worked on developing a new stock for the X-Bolt and they have done a truly wonderful job here, with a proper thumb hole laminated finish that would put most custom stocks to shame. The rifle mounts perfectly and your head mounts to the exact same position every time because of the Monte Carlo cheek piece.


We tested the X-Bolt eclipse in .308 and using Winchester ammo the accuracy was fantastic with sub ½ inch groups at 100 yards. ThIs X-Bolt with a scope and moderator is light enough for hill stalking or evening being on your should all day in the woods. As a package the X-Bolt eclipse with its as good as custom stock, detachable magazine and screw cut barrel is exceptional value for money at around the £820 mark.


As one would expect the finish on the rifle itself is great with the usual Browning quality. The trigger was sharp and light enough, although it was still a bit heavier then we would normally like to use but bearing in mind that straight out of the box this is an off the shelf rifle that should be by rights called a custom.



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