I was expecting to see a hardy pair of binoculars that you could use as a spare pair or for guests if they had forgotten to bring theirs with them or didn’t have any. I wasn’t expecting to find what I did about the Hawke Frontier 8×43 binos

First impressions are really important and when I had a pair of Hawke Frontier 8×43 binoculars arrive I must say I was impressed. The packaging was first rate, not just a cheap old box and the detail on the actual binoculars themselves was impressive. The Frontier range have a build in dust and rain caps on the large end of the lens as well as an adjustable lens cap for the eye piece which is a really nice touch. The strap that comes with the unit is very comfortable and has lots of adjustment on it and the actual binoculars themselves just felt well-made and sturdy. The other thing that I noticed was the born in Britain logo on the box and I thought how good it was to be holding a proper British product that struck me of quality.


There are some really nice features of the Frontier 8×43’s such as adjustable eye pieces so you can get the correct eye relief each time, very sensitive focal adjustments and really crystal clear images, although I would say that the fine adjustment is so fine it can take some getting used to. Sometimes the target gets blurred before you have a proper focus on it. I took the Frontiers out stalking and I was impressed by how good the image was and how light they felt whilst on the neck straps. The Frontier binoculars use a sculptured rubber outer with all the controls within proportion of each other. The rubber itself has separate grip sections which make holding steady on the animal you are viewing easy once you get used to the focal adjustment. The rubber green outer coating feels robust and also make the glass look good.


The image that the Frontiers give you is crisp and clear and they are as good as any pair of binoculars costing 3 or 4 times as much. The only other drawback I found was that the last light image went slightly brown in colour but the image was still crisp and clear and you could identify your target.

The Hawke Frontier range of binoculars starts at £219.99 and go up to £369.99. When I came to returning the Frontiers to Hawke I was so reluctant I bought them, I was genuinely impressed with this product. They really are worth the price tag which is really very modest. In fact I was so impressed I actually bought the review pair which tells it all really.


Hawke Frontier 38-200 8×42 £259.99 rrp




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